Four Core Technologies

Integrating Four Core Technologies to Shape the Future of Medicine

As an R&D company, our engineers are on the cutting edge of technology to develop products that make a difference in procedural medicine. Through years of research and experience we have developed proprietary, world-class technologies that include: Wire Drawing, Wire Forming, Coating and Torque Technology.

These four concepts are at the core of every product we design and ensure the highest quality in each product we manufacture.


Wire Drawing Technology

die wire drawing

Wires used as the core of our guidewires, and braid wires used in our catheters are manufactured using our proprietary wire drawing technology. The most critical component to wire drawing is the “die” – a diamond coated component that is used to create the diameter of each core wire or wire braid.

To maintain the strict tolerance of the die, ASAHI INTECC created a quality control system that measures and maintains the size and shape of the hole within microscopic tolerances.


Wire Forming Technology

PTCA guiding catheter wire braiding

The distal end of our guidewires are covered with a flexible coil designed to prevent injury to the most delicate arteries and veins. ASAHI INTECC forms wires into various shapes and sizes to meet the unique needs of each part of the vascular anatomy. Custom braids are created by coiling and weaving wires with diameters from 30 to 60 microns to give our guidewires and catheters the properties that make each a perfect match for the needs of complex procedures.


Torque Technology

line graph wire torque

ASAHI INTECC’s devices are valued by the most demanding physicians because of their unmatched torque performance. Our unique torque technology provides the ideal torque characteristics for each wire to ensure exceptional response to physician inputs even in the most challenging anatomy.


Coating Technology

coating technology

ASAHI INTECC’s ultrathin coating technology is capable of applying hydrophilic polymers, silicone and PTFE on a micrometric scale. These coatings are applied to our devices to ensure smooth interaction with other devices and to minimize friction created in tortuous anatomy.