Four Core Technologies

Integrating Four Core Technologies that are the source of our competitive strength

At ASAHI INTECC, we have our own highly original materials processing technology based on our four core technologies. The performance of the products for medical use is directly linked to the success or failure of operations and torque performance is considered to be the most important factor, so it was essential that we used our original high-level torque technology to develop wires that would transmit the delicate sensations of the doctor’s hand to the wire end without change. We have the foundation of the original technologies we have developed in the process of responding to the sophisticated requirements of our customers and we have used this foundation as we combined those technologies to create many high performance products.


Wire Drawing Technology

die wire drawing

The key part for wire drawing technology is a small component called a die that has a diameter of roughly 2.5 cm. The hole profile on these dies gradually wears during use. We measure this profile on a scale of several thousandths of a millimeter and control it strictly to create parts for high precision medical devices.


Wire Forming Technology

PTCA guiding catheter wire braiding

Using our original technology, we have realized a flexible coil structure on the end of PTCA guide wire that will not damage blood vessels. Furthermore, in addition to this coiling, wires formed into various profiles at the micron level are made into many various different device products.


Torque Technology

line graph wire torque
*The above data was obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.
*The above data does not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for these tests.

The original processing machinery and special torque technology of Asahi Intecc make it possible to give the wire the ideal torque transmission properties. Our devices for medical use have been evaluated very favorably on the market as we have realized superior controllability that was previously considered difficult.


Coating Technology

coating technology

This is technology to apply coatings such as nylon and polyethylene to wire ropes and coils to produce even better characteristics. In addition to coating on devices for industrial use, this technology is also used in coating technologies for devices for medical use, to improve the smoothness of movement inside blood vessels.