ASAHI Caravel

A versatile microcatheter that completes the simple and simplifies the complex

Ultra Low Profile Tip

  • Tip tapers from 0.019″ (1.4Fr) distally to 0.033″ (2.6Fr) proximally
  • Exceptional tip flexibility
  • Smoothly tracks into tortuous anatomy
Caravel smoothly tracks into tortuous anatomy

Low Profile Microcatheter

  • Excellent crossing profile: 1.9 Fr
  • Low profile design to cross microchannels
  • 2 Caravel fit in a 6 FR guide catheter

ACT ONE Precision Braided Shaft

  • Unique braiding delivers best-in-class flexibility
  • Precision engineering ensures unmatched performance in tortuous anatomy

Internal Lumen Integrity

  • Enhanced resistance to kinking in tortuous anatomy
  • Facilitates optimal guidewire performance
Enhanced resistance to kinking

Caravel Structure

Caravel structure

Indications for Use

This microcatheter is intended to provide support to facilitate the placement of guidewires in the coronary and peripheral vasculatures, and can be used to exchange one guide wire for another.

This microcatheter is also intended to assist in the delivery of contrast media into the coronary and peripheral vasculatures.

Do not use this microcatheter other than for use in the coronary and peripheral vasculatures.

ASAHI Caravel microcatheter is advanced by pushing, not rotating.


ASAHI Caravel 510k Letter

Ordering Information

Catalog Number OD Tip OD Distal Shaft OD Proximal Shaft ID Tip ID Shaft Length Hydrophilic Coating
CRV135-19P .48mm (1.4 Fr) .62mm (1.9 Fr) .85mm (2.6 Fr) .40mm (.016 in) .55mm (.022 in) 135cm 70cm
CRV150-19P .48mm (1.4 Fr) .62mm (1.9 Fr) .85mm (2.6 Fr) .40mm (.016 in) .55mm (.022 in) 150cm 85cm

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