ASAHI CHIKAI Neurovascular Guidewire

Precision, safety, and durabiltity for neurovascular interventions

200cm (0.014”)
300cm (0.014”)

ASAHI CHIKAI Neurovascular Guidewire offers:

  • Precise torque response for navigating tortuous anatomy
  • Optimum balance between tip flexibility and support for microcatheter delivery
  • Durable shape retention for selectivity and positioning in long cases

Dual Coil Design:

  • ACT ONE proprietary technology is the foundation of the dual-coil design that provides exceptional durability and torque response.
  • ACT ONE incorporates three of ASAHI INTECC’s technologies – wire drawing, wire forming and torque transmission


Product Structure:


Indications for Use

The ASAHI CHIKAI Neurovascular Guidewire is intended to be used in the neuro vasculature to facilitate placement and exchange of therapeutic devices such as cerebral catheters during intravascular therapy. This guidewire is intended for use only in the neuro vasculature.

Warnings and Precautions


ASAHI CHIKAI® 510k Letter

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Product Name Size
WAIN-CKI-200 ASAHI CHIKAI Guidewire-200cm 0.014″
WAIN-CKI-300 ASAHI CHIKAI Guidewire-300cm 0.014″
WAIN-CKI-10-200 ASAHI CHIKAI 10 Guidewire-200cm 0.010″
WAIN-CKI-10-300 ASAHI CHIKAI 10 Guidewire-300cm 0.010″

Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating.

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