ASAHI Corsair Armet

Precision engineered for
tough peripheral cases

ASAHI Corsair Armet Features

Super SHINKA-Shaft:

  • Supportive catheter body increases the push force of the guide wire
  • Low crossing profile – 2.3Fr
  • Compression resistant catheter body maintains inner lumen integrity in highly calcified lesions
  • Bi-directional rotation to cross more resistant lesions
  • Rotation force – 37% more torque force than Corsair

Durable metal tip:

  • Metal tip resistant to trapping, low entry profile 0.020″


ASAHI Corsair Armet

Indications for Use

The ASAHI Corsair Armet is intended to provide support to facilitate the placement of guide wires in the peripheral vasculature, and can be used to exchange one guide wire for another. The ASAHI Corsair Armet is also intended to assist in the delivery of contrast media into the peripheral vasculature. This device should not be used in coronary vasculature or neurovasculature.


Corsair Armet 510k Letter

Ordering Information

ASAHI Corsair Armet

Catalog Number Usable Length Coating Length
WCSAR060-14N 60cm 23cm
WCSAR090-14N 90cm 30cm
WCSAR135-14N 135cm 70cm
WCSAR150-14N 150cm 115cm