ASAHI Corsair

Easing approaches to complex proximal anatomy


  • SHINKA-Shaft technology facilitates guidewire crossing of micro-channels in challenging lesions
  • Navigates tortuous anatomy to access coronary and peripheral vasculature
  • Maintains position for exchange or to re-shape guidewires
  • Precisely delivers contrast media to distal anatomy

Corsair Catheter Tip
Corsair Catheter Body

ASAHI Corsair® Product Design:

  • Kink resistant, tapered, atraumatic tip (.016″)
  • Tungsten powder infused tip radiopaque marker
  • Hydrophilic coated distal segment
  • Asahi SHINKA-Shaft proprietary braided catheter design

Corsair Tip and Marker
Corsair SHINKA-Shaft® Braiding

Indications for Use

ASAHI Corsair Microcatheter is intended to provide support to facilitate the placement of guide wires in the coronary and peripheral vasculatures and can be used to exchange one guide wire for another. ASAHI Corsair is also intended to assist in the delivery of contrast media into the coronary, peripheral and abdominal vasculatures.

Warnings and Precautions


Corsair 510k Letter

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Product Name Size
CSW135-26N ASAHI Corsair Microcatheter 2.6Fr, 135cm
CSW150-26N ASAHI Corsair Microcatheter 2.6Fr, 150cm

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