Regalia XS 1.0

Offers balanced lubricity and trackability for BTK procedures

Regalia XS 1.0 Feature Guide

Regalia XS 1.0 is designed with a polymer jacket and hydrophilic coating to cross distal lesions and provide exceptional control.

Tip Load 1G Polymer Jacket

Regalia XS 1.0 Image

ASAHI Peripheral Guide Wires


Peripheral Guide Wire Selection Chart

Wire Selection Chart Regalia

Torque Performance

Asahi wires provide precise performance with 1:1 torque response.


The test was performed by ASAHI INTECC CO. The above data was performed by a company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests. The above data does not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for tests.

Indications for Use

The Asahi Regalia XS 1.0 Peripheral Guide Wire is intended to facilitate the placement and exchange of diagnostic and therapeutic devices during intravascular procedures. This device is intended for peripheral vascular use only.

Warnings and Precautions


Regalia XS 1.0 510k Letter

Regalia XS 1.0 Ordering Information

Catalog No. Diameter Radiopaque Length Spring Coil Length Length
PAGP140000 0.36 (0.014in) 3cm 12cm 180cm
PAGP140300 0.36 (0.014 in) 3cm 12cm 300cm

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