SheathLess Eaucath

PTCA Guiding Catheter

ASAHI’s proprietary sheathless technology allows you to perform a full range of procedures – from the simplest to the most complex – via the radial approach.

  • Sheathless Technology = More Choices: Large inner lumen expands treatment options with all the benefits of TRI.
  • Hydrophilic Coating: Designed to ease catheter insertion, manipulation, and reduce the incidence of spasm.
  • ASAHI Braiding: Two unique braiding patterns provide optimal torque, kink resistance, flexibility, and support.

SheathLess Eaucath

Smaller Punctures for Larger Catheters

The outer diameter of a SheathLess Eaucath is similar to the diameter of an introducer sheath 2.5 Fr. smaller.

SheathLess Eaucath 6.5Fr

The OD of the 6.5Fr SheathLess Eaucath is 2.16mm, similar to the OD of the 4Fr sheath at 2.00mm.

SheathLess Eaucath 7.5Fr

The OD of the 7.5Fr SheathLess Eaucath is 2.49mm, similar to the OD of the 5Fr sheath at 2.29mm.

SheathLess Eaucath

Indications for Use

The SheathLess Eaucath Coronary Guide Catheter is intended to provide a pathway through which therapeutic and diagnostic devices are introduced. The guide catheter is intended to be used in the coronary vascular system.

Warnings and Precautions


SheathLess Eaucath 510k Letter

Ordering Information

Product Name Catalog No. 6.5FR Catalog No. 7.5FR Shape Code Usable
Length (cm)
Judkins Left G6JL35-0-L100 G7JL35-0-L100 JL3.5 100
Judkins Left G6JL40-0-L100 G7JL40-0-L100 JL4.0 100
Judkins Left ST G6JL35-0-L100S G7JL35-0-L100S JL3.5 ST 100
Judkins Left ST G6JL40-0-L100S JL4.0 ST 100
Judkins Right G6JR35-0-L100 G7JR35-0-L100 JR3.5 100
Judkins Right G6JR40-0-L100 G7JR40-0-L100 JR4.0 100
Judkins Right G6JR50-0-L100 G7JR50-0-L100 JR5.0 100
Judkins Right ST G6JR40-0-L100S G7JR40-0-L100S JR4.0 ST 100
Amplatz Left G6AL07-0-L100 G7AL07-0-L100 AL0.75 100
Amplatz Left G6AL10-0-L100 G7AL10-0-L100 AL1.0 100
Amplatz Left ST G6AL10-0-L100S G7AL10-0-L100S AL1.0 ST 100
Power Backup G6PB30-0-L100 G7PB30-0-L100 PB3.0 100
Power Backup G6PB35-0-L100 G7PB35-0-L100 PB3.5 100
Power Backup G6PB40-0-L100 G7PB40-0-L100 PB4.0 100
Multipurpose G6MP10-0-L100 G7MP10-0-L100 MP1.0 100

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