Flexible guidewire support in tortuous anatomy

Tornus 2.1Fr offers flexible guidewire support in tortuous anatomy.
Tornus 2.6Fr offers extra support and pushability in challenging lesions.

Tornus Support Catheters offer ultimate performance for the treatment of highly stenosed lesions.

  • Access complex or heavily calcified lesions
  • Create channels to facilitate guidewire access to the lesion
  • Provide great back-up support for guidewires
  • Enable guidewire exchanges in challenging lesions

Asahi Tornus 2.1Fr Wire
Asahi Tornus 2.1Fr Body

Tornus Product Design:

  • Stainless steel shaft made of 8 wires braided into a spiral structure, providing access to discrete vasculature
  • Platinum radiopaque tip for easy visualization
  • Built-in safety system to indicate excessive device rotation

Indications for Use

Tornus is intended to be used in conjunction with a steerable guidewire to access discrete regions of the vasculature and for guide wire exchange.

Warnings and Precautions


Tornus 510k Letter

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Product Name Size
AT24135 Tornus Support Catheter 2.1Fr, 135cm
AT35135 Tornus Support Catheter 2.6Fr, 135cm

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