Research and Development

research and developmentASAHI INTECC Group was founded on an expertise in research and development. This core competence led to unique capabilities that are the foundation of our Four Core Technologies. Our commitment to R&D and precision manufacturing has resulted in world class operations that are the benchmark for quality in the medical device industry.

ASAHI INTECC analyzes the latest information on medical technology and partners with physicians to guide the development of next-generation devices and create innovative technologies to provide effective treatment options for patients.

ASAHI INTECC is investing in and researching cutting-edge therapies such as regenerative medical treatment systems using cultured cells and genes. In 2002 our Kobe Research Center was established in partnership with local universities and research institutions. This rich R&D environment allows us to combine our deep knowledge of medical devices with some of the brightest minds in regenerative medicine.

The Kobe Research Center applies an integrated development system that strives to improve all aspects of R&D – from raw materials research to innovative designs to precision manufacturing of medical devices. ASAHI INTECC is also developing new composite materials and processing technologies for use in the medical field.