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Redefining simple and complex interventions


ASAHI®’s at the forefront of the industry’s most regarded interventional guide wires and microcatheters, perfected by over 40 years of wire innovation. We constantly invent, improve and innovate to bring you the highest quality tools so you can Master the Everyday.

the Future of Medicine


for Precise Control

ASAHI’s 4 core proprietary technologies provide physicians with the precise control they need to optimize performance and improve outcomes in both routine and challenging procedures.

Asahi Wire Drawing

Core wire drawn to exact diameter and hardness specifications

Asahi Wire Forming
WIRE FORMING Technology*

Ultra fine wire braiding produces the twist wires (for flexibility and tensile strength) and ACT ONE® (which improves torque force, torque response, durability, and flexibility)

Asahi Bar Torque Technology
TORQUE Technology

Production process with custom machinery which produces 1:1 torque

Asahi Bar Coating Technology
COATING Technology

Advanced coating technology for optimal lubricity

A New Standard in Precision Engineering

LEARN MORE > *Available in select ASAHI guide wires


Across the Board

ASAHI’s purpose-driven tools deliver safe and trusted access across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas and case levels.

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interventional cases.

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Training & Education

Increase confidence in device use and performance with ASAHI’s tailored training and proctorship programs.

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