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Peripheral Guidewire Training

March 2, 2022 | News

Peripheral guidewire training is a key piece of the continuing education (CE) pie. As clinical presentation of disease evolves and advances, interventional devices continue to evolve and advance as well. It is important to know how new guidewires and microcatheters can be most effective. Understanding these device features is the first step to selecting the right tool for the job. These small educational investments can have a major impact on success rates and increased procedure efficiency.

With this in mind, not all CE and peripheral guidewire training are the same. The ideal educational curriculum comes from sources focused solely on guidewire and microcatheter devices. This is to deliver deep dives into how each product is specifically designed to solve challenges often seen in interventional procedures. It is also important to pair this with a knowledgeable instructor with experience in the field to work closely with the participants to better understand the subject and technology. With all these elements put together, it instills confidence in the user to carefully evaluate the challenge presented and choose a tool best suited to the task.

participant in guidewire training handling one of the guidewires Doctor pointing at laptop screen showing his guidewire within a simulated lesion a spotlight over a pancake model with a guidewire inside the models simulated channels

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What To Expect From Peripheral Guidewire Training

Augusta University Chief Cardiology Fellow Dr. Ripa Patel shares her experience at Asahi’s ASCENT
peripheral guidewire training program in the video below from our YouTube channel.

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Peripheral Guidewire Training Built For Success

Effective peripheral guidewire training is not an exact science, but these basic elements can help for an enjoyable, timely, and productive learning environment:

  • An interactive presenter knowledgeable in the subject matter with a cleverly put-together didactic and/or presentation
  • Demo products to handle and evaluate
  • A simulation system that mimics the overall properties of a lesion. This will enable trainees to experience the device ex vivo using a simulator

This is where ASAHI INTECC’s ETOSS system comes into play.

presenter with a ppt projected on a big screen behind him with participants at dining room tables watching him educator showing coronary educational items on a table inside a hospital room among participants dressed in their hospital scrubs ETOSS tech showing 2 participants how to use the device with a coronary guidewire

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Asahi Intecc’s ETOSS Peripheral Guidewire Training System

ETOSS, or Educational Total Occlusion Simulation System, can be a useful peripheral guidewire training tool for physicians, cath lab staff, fellows, and others. Using the ETOSS, the trainee can feel and visualize the performance of Asahi’s guidewires or microcatheters within an artificial lesion. Whether it’s a highly calcific lesion, tortuous collateral, or a long CTO, ASAHI has a wire for that, which ETOSS can effectively demonstrate hands-on, giving users a unique opportunity to try new devices and experience device behavior.  Trainees can expect to learn:

  • How different guidewire properties facilitate different movements within a lesion
  • The Intentional selection of a guidewire or microcatheter based on anatomical or lesion characteristics

Finally, while the ETOSS experience can be best suited to train on-site and in-person, ASAHI ETOSS experts can now train virtually via the ETOSS Online System, which is ideal for closed labs and environments where distance and circumstances can be an issue.

ETOSS logo
shot of guidewire within simulated vessel on monitor woman dressed in scrubs sitting at a table using guidewire simulator looking at the laptap screen as she moves guidewire through educator guiding doctor at a desk on using the ETOSS system as the doctor moves a guidewire through a simulated vessel on the laptop screen

The ETOSS Peripheral Guidewire Training Device Consists Of:

  • PC laptop
  • Two white base plates where normal length devices are rolled and installed
  • Two HD web cameras
  • Specialized software to show multiple views of the lesion
  • An artificial lesion
pic of 2 white base plates with a circular plate on the top with the ETOSS logo on it long with two HD web cameras attached to it pic of laptop monitor with yellow towel in front of it and guidewire setup on the towel Pic of artificial lesion and its package next to it

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Another Layer Of Peripheral Guidewire Training

Paired perfectly with ETOSS for peripheral guidewire training is Asahi Intecc’s accredited continuing education (CE) team — AELive or Asahi Education Live. AELive is available upon appointment for educational sessions such as Ascent and Pathfinder — a medical education course designed in partnership with expert physicians to educate attendees on topics including techniques, equipment, and other success factors to treat patients with Chronic Total Occlusions and Complex PCI through a combination of didactic and live case applications. Again, Asahi educational courses can be done live, online, or both depending on your situation and needs.

presenter at a restaurant showing a powerpoint presentation projected on a large screen in front of participants at separate dinner tablestwo AE live educators showing a participant different guidewires on an office table

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Book Your Own Custom Peripheral Guidewire Training

ASAHI can provide tailored peripheral guidewire training sessions that suit your practice and procedure complexity to enable cath lab staff, fellows-in-training, and skilled operators to learn highly relevant education.

  • Reach us on our contact us page here, where you can download or view our Territory Manager (TM) locator and interactive map
  • Contact your local rep or email us at to set you up with your ETOSS and/or AELive (CE) training
  • Finally, click any of the icons below to get up-to-date news and events on any of our social media channels.
    You can also DM us there and we can connect you to your local TM as well.
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ETOSS Peripheral Guidewire Training Video

To learn more about ASAHI ETOSS and how it works with peripheral guidewire training, check out this video from Asahi Intecc USA’s YouTube channel.

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