Coronary Microcatheters

ASAHI Caravel®

Caravel is a low profile microcatheter specifically designed for high performance in tortuous anatomy and microchannels.

Caravel is a push only, non-torque microcatheter.


  • Unique braiding delivers best-in-class flexibility
  • Precision engineering ensures unmatched performance in tortuous anatomy


  • Excellent crossing profile: 1.9Fr (0.62mm)
  • Low profile design to cross microchannels
  • 2 Caravels fit in a 6Fr guide catheter


  • Enhanced resistance to kinking in tortuous anatomy
  • Facilitates optimal guide wire performance

ACT ONE Maintains Inner Lumen:

Ordering Information

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  Outer Diameter (Fr(MM))Inner Diameter (INCH(MM))  
ProductCatalog No.Tip Distal Shaft Proximal Shaft TipShaftUsable Length (CM)Hydrophilic Coating Length (CM)
ASAHI Caravel, 135cmCRV135-19P
1.4 (0.48)1.9 (0.62)2.6 (0.85)0.016 (0.40)0.022 (0.55)13570
ASAHI Caravel, 150cmCRV150-19P1.4 (0.48)1.9 (0.62)2.6 (0.85)0.016 (0.40)0.022 (0.55)15085
Indications for Use

This microcatheter is intended to provide support to facilitate the placement of guide wires in the coronary and peripheral vasculatures, and can be used to exchange one guide wire for another. This microcatheter is also intended to assist in the delivery of contrast media into the coronary and peripheral vasculatures. Do not use this microcatheter other than for use in the coronary and peripheral vasculatures.

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