ASAHI FUBUKI® 043 Intermediate Catheter


Intermediate Catheter Features:

  • Trackability: Hydrophilic coating and flexible soft tube provides superb traceability in sharp bends or tortuous vessels.
  • Enhanced Kink Resistance: Wire braiding technology enhances kink resistance and maintains lumen integrity.
  • Delivery Support: Large inner lumen 1.10mm (0.043″) with PTFE coating enables smooth delivery of the microcatheter.
  • Shapeable Tip: Tip can be shaped using the included stylet with steam.
Ordering Information
ProductCatalog No.Usable Length (CM)Coating Length (CM)Tip Shape
ASAHI FUBUKI 043, 120 cm, StraightWAIN-FBK-4-120120105Straight
ASAHI FUBUKI 043, 125 cm, StraightWAIN-FBK-4-125125110Straight
ASAHI FUBUKI 043, 130 cm, StraightWAIN-FBK-4-130130115Straight
*Stylet and Peel-away included
Indications for Use

The ASAHI FUBUKI Guide Catheters are intended to be used to guide interventional devices for neurovascular therapy to a lesion or a procedural site for a percutaneous intravascular procedure in the neurovasculature. This catheter is also intended to be used for injection of contrast media. Do not use this catheter other than for use in the neurovasculature.

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