Quick and easy distal placement for challenging environments


  • 6Fr Long Sheath
  • 8 Fr O.D / 0.090″ I.D (2.28mm)


Long Sheath Features:


  • Enhanced Trackability:  Extremely flexible and balanced
    distal shaft for enhanced catheter trackability
  • Variable Shaft Stiffness: Balanced shaft provided by 8 transition
    zones to enhance both trackability and catheter support
  • Atraumatic Tip: Rounded atraumatic tip for reducing
    potential vessel trauma
  • Seamless Transition: Minimal ledge protrusion between dilator
    and tip provides a seamless transition aiding insertion and trackability


FUBUKI XF Engineering and Clinical Benefits Video

Distal positioning simplifies the procedure; the FUBUKI XF atraumatic tip, enhanced distal trackability, and well-balanced proximal shaft allows for quick and easy distal placement, even in challenging anatomy. This explainer video goes in-depth on the benefits of this Long Sheath.

Fubuki XF Testimonial

Ricardo A Hanel, MD PhD gives a first-hand account, including key features, specs, and more, of his experience in using the FUBUKI XF at the World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology 16th Congress.

FUBUKI® XF Sell Sheet

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Ordering Information

To order, please call us toll-free at 855-286-9473, or email us at customersupport@asahi-intecc.com. To see a complete listing of all available ASAHI products, go to our Full Product Listing page.

ProductCatalog No.Inner DiameterOuter DiameterUsable LengthCoating LengthTip Shape
FBKX-8A80DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr80cm8cmAngle
FBKX-8S80DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr80cm8cmStraight
FBKX-8A90DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr90cm8cmAngle
6Fr Long Sheath
FBKX-8S90DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr90cm8cmStraight
FBKX-8A100DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr100cm8cmAngle
FBKX-8S100DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr100cm8cmStraight
FBKX-8A110DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr110cm8cmAngle
FBKX-8S110DY2.28mm / 0.090"2.70mm / 8Fr110cm8cmStraight
*Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating
Indications for Use

The ASAHI FUBUKI Guide Catheters are intended to be used to guide interventional devices for neurovascular therapy to a lesion or a procedural site for a percutaneous intravascular procedure in the neurovasculature. This catheter is also intended to be used for injection of contrast media. Do not use this catheter other than for use in the neurovasculature. 510k Letter >

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