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Peripheral Guide Wires

ASAHI Meister®

A polymer-jacketed 0.016” wire with ACT ONE® construction for torque response and increased durability for super-selective embolization.

Tip Radiopacity5cm
CoatingHYDROPHILIC* coating on a polymer jacket
and core wire
Tip Shape

Ordering Information

To order, please call us toll-free at 855-286-9473, or email us at To see a complete listing of all available ASAHI products, go to our Full Product Listing page.

ProductCatalog No.Usable LengthShaft Outer DiameterRadiopaque LengthHydrophilic Coating LengthTip Shape
WAMS-165-1645165 cm0.41 mm (0.016 inch)5 cm160 cmAngle 45°
WAMS-180-1645180 cm0.41 mm (0.016 inch)5 cm175 cmAngle 45°
ASAHI MEISTER 16WAMS-165-16WA165 cm0.41 mm (0.016 inch)5 cm160 cmAngle Double
WAMS-180-16WA180 cm0.41 mm (0.016 inch)5 cm175 cmAngle Double
WAMS-165-16ST165 cm0.41 mm (0.016 inch)5 cm160 cmRound Curve
WAMS-180-16ST180 cm0.41 mm (0.016 inch)5 cm175 cmRound Curve
*Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating
Indications for Use

ASAHI Peripheral Vascular Guide Wire is intended for use in the peripheral vasculature, to facilitate the exchange and placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices such as vascular catheters during peripheral interventional procedures. This guide wire is not intended for use in coronary arteries, lower limb blood vessels, neurovasculature, and carotid arteries.