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Peripheral Microcatheters



Next generation dual lumen catheter. ASAHI SASUKE is a dual lumen catheter (DLC) used to add stability and control to complex PCI procedures.

Short Tip-to-OTW port

  • 6.5 mm tip to OTW port negates the need for deep engagement in side branches and complex lesions

Double stainless steel core

  • Double stainless steel core in proximal shaft improves kink resistance and pushability

Tapered soft tip

  • Incorporates the same tapered soft tip used in ASAHI Corsair Pro® and ASAHI Caravel® to maintain trackability in tortuous vessels

Ordering Information

To order, please call us toll-free at 855-286-9473, or email us at customersupport@asahi-intecc.com. To see a complete listing of all available ASAHI products, go to our Full Product Listing page.

  Outer Diamater (Fr(MM))Inner Diamater (INCH(MM))  
ProductCatalog No.TipDistal ShaftProximal ShaftTipProximalUsable Length (CM)Hydrophilic Coating Length (CM)
ASAHI SASUKESA145-33N1.5 (0.50)2.5 / 3.3 (0.84/1.08)3.2 (1.05)0.016 (0.40)0.017 (0.43)14538
Indications for Use

The ASAHI SASUKE is intended to provide support to facilitate the placement of guide wires in the coronary and peripheral vasculature, and can be used to exchange one guide wire for another. The ASAHI SASUKE is also intended to assist in the delivery of contrast media into the coronary, peripheral and abdominal vasculature. This device should not be used in the neurovasculature.

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