Peripheral Guide Wires


A workhorse frontline guide wire with ACT ONE construction for torque response and increased durability. Also has a polymer jacket for lubricity. High tip flexibility improves trackability in tortuous anatomy.

Tip Load
Tip Radiopacity 3 cm
CoatingHYDROPHILIC* coating on a polymer jacket and core wire
Tip Shape



Crossing is Key: Expert Discussions on Guidewires Selection

Craig Walker, MD
Cardiovascular Institute of the South, Houma, LA

Chris LeSar, MD
Vascular Institute of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN

Bret Wiechmann, MD
Vascular And Interventional Physicians, Gainesville, FL

ASAHI SION black Sell Sheet

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Ordering Information

To order, please call us toll-free at 855-286-9473, or email us at To see a complete listing of all available ASAHI products, go to our Full Product Listing page.

ProductCatalog No.Tip ShapeLength (CM)Diameter (INCH(MM))Radiopaque Segment (CM)Spring Coil Length (CM)Coating
ASAHI SION black 190cm, StraightAPW14R010SStraight1900.014 (0.36)312Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic*
ASAHI SION black 190cm, J ShapeAPW14R010JJ Shape1900.014 (0.36)312Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic*
ASAHI SION black 190cm, Pre-ShapeAPW14R010PPre-Shape1900.014 (0.36)312Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic*
ASAHI SION black 300cm, StraightAPW14R310SStraight3000.014 (0.36)312Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic*
ASAHI SION black 300cm, J ShapeAPW14R310JJ Shape3000.014 (0.36)312Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic*
ASAHI SION black 300cm, Pre-ShapeAPW14R310PPre-Shape3000.014 (0.36)312Polymer Jacket & Hydrophilic*
*Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating
Indications for Use

ASAHI PTCA Guide Wires are intended to facilitate the placement of balloon dilation catheters during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA). The ASAHI PTCA Guide Wires are not to be used in the neurovasculature.

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