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Coronary Guide Catheters

Sheathless Eaucath

PTCA Guiding Catheter – ASAHI’s proprietary sheathless technology allows you to perform a full range of procedures – from the simplest to the most complex – via the radial approach.


ASAHI Sheathless Eaucath

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Ordering Information

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ProductCatalog No. 6.5FRCatalog No. 7.5FR Shape CodeUsable
Length (cm)
Judkins LeftG6JL35-0-L100G7JL35-0-L100 JL3.5100
Judkins LeftG6JL40-0-L100 G7JL40-0-L100 JL4.0100
Judkins Left STG6JL35-0-L100SG7JL35-0-L100S JL3.5 ST 100
Judkins Left ST G6JL40-0-L100S JL4.0 ST 100
Judkins Right G6JR35-0-L100 G7JR35-0-L100 JR3.5100
Judkins Right G6JR40-0-L100 G7JR40-0-L100 JR4.0100
Judkins Right G6JR50-0-L100 G7JR50-0-L100 JR5.0 100
Judkins Right ST G6JR40-0-L100S G7JR40-0-L100S JR4.0 ST 100
Amplatz Left G6AL07-0-L100 G7AL07-0-L100 AL0.75 100
Amplatz Left G6AL10-0-L100 G7AL10-0-L100 AL1.0 100
Amplatz Left STG6AL10-0-L100S G7AL10-0-L100SAL1.0 ST100
Power Backup G6PB30-0-L100 G7PB30-0-L100 PB3.0 100
Power Backup G6PB35-0-L100 G7PB35-0-L100 PB3.5 100
Power Backup G6PB40-0-L100 G7PB40-0-L100 PB4.0100
MultipurposeG6MP10-0-L100 G7MP10-0-L100 MP1.0 100
Indications for Use

The SheathLess Eaucath Coronary Guide Catheter is intended to provide a pathway through which therapeutic and diagnostic devices are introduced. The guide catheter is intended to be used in the coronary vascular system.

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