Angiographic Guide Wires

ASAHI Silverway®

Equipped with ASAHI’s 4-core technologies to optimize torque, durability, lubricity, and trackability. Used to introduce and engage an intravascular angiographic catheter via a femoral or radial route.

CoatingDistal Shaft: 15cm HYDROPHOBIC
Middle shaft: 65cm HYDROPHILIC

Proximal Shaft: 70cm~220cm
Tip Shape

ASAHI Silverway Sell Sheet

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Ordering Information

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Outer DiameterCatalog No.Usable LengthTip Shape
SJ1535N15S150cmJ-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N18S180cmJ-shape 1.5mm
0.035" (0.89mm)SJ1535N20S200cmJ-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N22S220cmJ-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N26S260cmJ-shape 1.5mm
SJ1535N30S300cmJ-shape 1.5mm
SJ3035N15S150cmJ-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N18S180cmJ-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N20S200cmJ-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N22S220cmJ-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N26S260cmJ-shape 3.0mm
SJ3035N30S300cmJ-shape 3.0mm
*Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating
Indications for Use

This product is intended for use in the percutaneous introduction of catheters Not for use in the coronary arteries or intracranial vessels.


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